The kitchen has become the nerve centre of the home and has opened up to the rest of the rooms, leaving behind the isolation it has suffered for years to integrate into the home and become a new meeting place for family leisure and social gatherings. At REKKER, fully aware of this reality, we direct all our efforts and know-how to create kitchens where technique, aesthetics, design and functionality go hand in hand.

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In recent years, the kitchen has become the true heart of the home, the new meeting and convivial place for family and social gatherings. A space for shared moments and celebration that can now be enjoyed outdoors without limits. A new highly sophisticated and avant-garde kitchen design based on three key elements: porcelain, aluminium and fire. K7 enjoy your kitchen without limits.

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At REKKER we are aware of the importance of taking care of all the elements that make up a kitchen, proof of which is the special attention that our design team pays to the development of accessories. The aim? To offer solutions for organising and maximising space, combining design and functionality to perfection.

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The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the home and deserves the best lighting. It is therefore important to find the right balance between light and shade to transform it into a place with a warm and comfortable atmosphere. The kitchen is not only where the best dishes are prepared, but also where celebrations, meetings or quiet family moments take place, where cosy and functional lighting plays a key role.

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A space in which we inspire through very personal projects where our furniture plays a special role. Each one of them represented a challenge to which REKKER responded, always putting the client’s needs at the centre.

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