For this project, REKKER proposed opening up the kitchen to the living room and organising it around a large central porcelain island with a bar extension and a parallel furnishings area. In this way, the spaces were enlarged, making it much more comfortable to move between the different rooms, privileging the interaction of family members and guests between the different areas.

REKTO 45 stands out for its straight, minimalist lines and the ease of opening thanks to its 45º edge, which allows doors and drawers to be opened from any angle. The drawers at the end closest to the lounge were mechanised for automatic opening and closing.
Under the sink, made of black Italian porcelain tiles, there is a recycling module complete with accessories for cleaning products and a corner unit with fully removable trays to maximise the space in a corner that is difficult to access.
For its part, the system of tall units houses in a compact and organised space several horizontally arranged electrical appliances and a pantry unit with a pull-out structure. Tall units that help to keep everything tidy and out of sight at all times, a key factor in an open kitchen like this one.
The project was completed with an auxiliary outdoor kitchen made of aluminium, a material that is particularly resistant to extreme temperatures and corrosion.
Finally, we were also entrusted with the design of various pieces of furniture for different rooms in the house. Once again, at REKKER we put all our experience and know-how at the disposal of a client with very specific needs, achieving a 100% customised final result.