In this kitchen, our design team has opted for BAKEA and KALA furniture. In it, all the elements are designed to achieve a space with a gentle and cosy aesthetic, demonstrating that functionality is not at odds with warmth. A space replete with colonial touches and carefully chosen nuances that are a pleasure for the senses.

Natural textures

The BAKEA and KALA units are made of open-pore lacquered oak. Thanks to this technique, the wood retains its natural grain, giving it a rustic touch that can be seen and felt. The handles are integrated into the mouldings themselves. The worktop, made of porcelain with a marble finish, blends in perfectly with the cabinets to achieve a pleasant natural aesthetic.

Details that make all the difference

The interior of our cabinets, drawers and cupboards can be customised with a wide variety of accessories. One example is this practical wooden slatted tray, ideal for cutting bread in a convenient and clean way, thanks to its compartment for collecting crumbs.
The pantry unit is made entirely of oak wood and has two drawer units with recessed handle and gold finish in the lower part. A cabinet that is both functional and harmonious with the rest of the furnishings.

Minimalist display case

The IKS display case is finished in satin-black profiling. Its minimalist aesthetic is achieved thanks to the innovative HIDDEN hinges which are inserted into the structure of the cabinet and the door, so that they are completely concealed. They are available in brake and push versions. The flexiLED overhead lighting provides an indirect light source, which adds warmth to the ambience.

An island that adds storage capacity

The space is completed by a central island that provides an additional storage area in the kitchen. To give continuity to the rustic aesthetic of the ensemble, we offer recesses for wicker baskets.

Laundry and ironing area

Adjacent to the kitchen we have incorporated our laundry and ironing room, whose folding and retractable doors leave it concealed when you aren’t working in it. It is a functional space with storage capacity and thoughtful details, such as the Corianᴿ base, which is completely sealed and incorporates a drain for moisture that may be produced by hanging wet garments.