In the design of the KABIA model we have achieved a modern reinterpretation of classic antique furniture. The absence of handles creates a composition of ultra-polished lines. As with all our furniture, this lacquered model can be combined with an endless number of materials in a wide range of finishes.

Integration of elements

It can be a challenge to ensure that the integration of all the elements that make up a kitchen is homogeneous. In this concept, we opted for a space that combines a workshop/pantry area with a central table, elements that share the limelight in a harmonious way, merging the storage, work and sampling areas. The wine cellar, the meat cooler and the large bakery-style table not only coexist but also enhance and complement each other.

Porcelain sink

This made-to-measure sink allows us to eliminate the transition with the worktop, achieving an irresistible effect of continuity. Made of porcelain stoneware, a material with exceptional durability and high resistance to humidity and high temperatures, it is a pleasure to look at and, above all, to touch.

Pull-out pantry

It is a tall unit with a large storage capacity, and its shelves are adjustable in height. Made of black aluminium in its extendable structure and hardwood in the mobile shelves, it provides total accessibility and sight lines from three sides.

Fire area

In this proposal, porcelain stoneware serves as a base on which to place the hobs. This maximises the performance of this material to achieve a homogeneous effect in the fire area.

Transition to other rooms

Our columns, as well as being a storage and organisation solution, are a key element in achieving a smooth transition to other rooms such as the dining room or living room.