At the cutting edge of design


This KOLDTRA kitchen combines oak wood layers with matt black metal in the cabinets and islands, a material available in a range of 10 colours, extra matt, anti-fingerprint and resistant to knocks and scratches. The wooden handles are integrated into the veneered door and drawer structure. The versatility of this kind of handle allows us to incorporate it seamlessly, creating a single line, or individually on each door or front.

Metal structures

REKKER shelving is a versatile solution for storage and integration with the room. Made of aluminium, the shelves come with various customisation options thanks to a wide range of colours. They also help to separate spaces in a subtle and elegant way.

Decorative lighting and housings

At REKKER we have four available housing designs, although we offer our customers the possibility of building customised housings to suit any need. The under-lighting of the wall units is provided by a continuous LED, the hallmark of REKKER kitchens. While the market standard is based on the lighting of each piece of furniture individually, at REKKER we integrate the furniture in order to create a single, more aesthetic and homogeneous line of light.