This kitchen is surprising both for its choice of materials and for its innovative technology. ROKA is the brand’s signature model. Porcelain stoneware is the material of choice for the doors and fronts, achieving a minimalist design that is both compact and highly resistant. The mounting system, which eliminates drilling the housing, allows us to work with minimum thicknesses of 8mm and therefore to glue the panels together, maintaining the same design on both the external and internal sides of the cabinets.

Minimalism in the kitchen


Our units with retractable door systems facilitate tidiness and allow different areas of the kitchen to be concealed, creating a uniform and elegant look. Their large storage capacity from ceiling to floor is a functional as well as an aesthetic solution. In addition, the backlit back panels of our cupboards provide an extra accent of light while enhancing the impression of depth. The KUMA doors, with integrated oak handle, combine with the metal shelves to form a homogeneous block that stands out amidst a simple and luminous structure, ideal for the transition between the different rooms in the home.

Movable socket outlets

With the aim of facilitating work in the kitchen, we offer an innovative system consisting of an electrified channel that allows sockets and peripherals to be added, removed and moved at any time and can be adapted both to the cabinet and to the wall, being perfectly integrated in both cases.

This is a 100% safe solution, as the inside of the duct only transmits current through the specially designed sockets.

Metal structures on the worktop

A solution that provides additional storage support on the island while at the same time facilitating the separation of spaces.

REKTO 45 Model

The main feature of this model is the total absence of handles. We are referring to a rim profile system with a 45 degree bevelled edge that facilitates which makes it easy to hold the surface with your fingers, for a more ergonomic and comfortable opening.