For this kitchen design, we at REKKER have opted for our KOOL units, which stand out for their versatility and modern lines. Available in an endless number of lacquered colours and different types of natural wood, they employ an opening system with a rim whose profiles are concealed and whose shapes are fully customisable.

Metal shelving between units

The metal shelves between the wall units and the sink area are a functional solution where every utensil has its place and can be seen. Recesses for spice racks, jars, boards and cloths maintain the desired order.

Kelas display case

This display case boasts anthracite black profiles that catch your eye due to the inclined shapes of the vertical panels and the minimalist expression of the horizontal ones. Combined with mirrored glass that allows the interior to be seen and subtly reflects the exterior.

Everyone to the table

Our bars and tables, made from a wide range of materials, as well as achieving continuity with the aesthetics of the kitchen, are an essential element, whether for breakfasts or quick dinners, or as a meeting place where you can enjoy a pleasant after-dinner conversation.

All-concealing doors

Retractable doors are an ideal solution for concealing the interior of furniture, thus achieving a perfect integration with the rest of the home. Small electrical appliances, work areas or pantries are concealed thanks to this mechanism which is installed on the side of the cabinet and allows the door to be stored parallel to the unit. The system acts synchronously to achieve a dampered, fluid and 100% safe movement.

Integration of the laundry room

The washing and ironing area is integrated thanks to the tonally coherent units. Our units are perfectly adapted to maximise space thanks to our customised storage and organisation solutions.